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  • Armelle Omnès Avocate Rennes
  • Armelle Omnès Avocate Rennes

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Brexit and your situation

With just a few months remaining before the UK leaves the EU, the situation still remains uncertain for most British citizens who have connections with France; whether living here, owning a property, having employment or through running a business in the Hexagon. All these possibilities are still facili- tated by Freedom of Movement.

Some are already taking action, some acquiring French natio- nality, and others investigating permanent residency - the latter hitherto unnecessary for EU nation state nationals.

There still exists a call to remain in the EU, and calls for a Peoples’ Vote to decide on the negotiations achieved by the government. There are also initiatives for UK citizens (who so wish) that they should retain EU citizenship, thereby preserving most of the opportunities and convenience they are presently enjoying.

Much and little has happened since PM Theresa May sent the UK Government's letter of notification invoking article 50, an agreement between the UK government and the EU has still to be decided. If talks between the UK and EU succeed then a transition period* ending in 2020 will be in place which will mitigate some of the radical effects of leaving the EU.

Present debate is confused, with the UK government and parties still negotiating domestically, where arguments seem to revolve around the extent of harmonisation with the EU (remaining or not in the Customs Union and/or Single Market) or a complete rupture. Other scenarios are possible.

30th March 2019 may arrive with no agreement decided, and the subsequent falling back for the UK on WTO trading terms. If this happens, The UK will be considered a “Third Country” and the situation of UK citizens resident in France will then depend on what the French state decides.

I am in close touch with my contacts in the City and we are monitoring the evolution of the legal situation in order to anticipate events. I am specifically following developments as they will affect British citizens with close associations with France (see where I practice), so if or whenever you feel the need to evaluate your situation, do not hesitate to contact me.

*Transition agreement

UK government No deal papers 1

UK government No deal papers 2

European Commission advisory documents

The House of Commons Library

London School of Economics

The Guardian

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Where I practice

Based in Rennes,  principally I work in the West of France,  in all four departments of Brittany,  Ille et Vilaine,  Côtes D'Armor, Morbi- han, Finistère, and in neighbouring Loire-Atlantique, Mayenne, Manche  and Calvados.

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